Hello folks!

Long time no blog! Hope you are all doing well, staying safe, etc.! I haven’t shared any advice posts in a while, have I?

I’ve been working with a few clients lately, and a few common questions / concerns that have been coming up. So, I figured, why not write down my amazing wisdom and share it with the world?

Here it comes… You read it here first.


This is my go-to when approaching clients (disabled or otherwise); starting your own business is POSSIBLE. No matter who you are. Even though the idea of entrepreneurship can seem scary and intimidating at first, I promise that the whole process can actually be really exciting and fulfilling. It sounds cheesy, but if you believe in yourself and take the leap, the rest will fall into place.

I am actually currently putting together a free 4-week course on just this… demystifying entrepreneurship. You can stay tuned on my social media channels for more details in the upcoming weeks.

Okay, done personal plug. Onto the next.. Let’s dig into the ‘leap’ portion I mentioned earlier, made up of these next four P’s.


This one is huge, guys! think of something you’re passionate about, and it can be a wonderful base for your business. For me? My writing is what got this all started. It’s no secret that when you’re an entrepreneur, it definitely takes up a lot of your time, right? Thankfully, if you are passionate about what you do, it will feel a little less like you’re working. Another plus? If you are passionate about your work, it will show, your potential customers will feel it!


So often, I read about entrepreneurs getting frustrated because they haven’t found any customers yet. In this case, there really is no quick way to shine. Keep at it, and the clients / customers will come. Keep pouring out your content and creating real relationships, and It. Will. Happen. Let me tell you, when that time comes, it will be one of the most rewarding feelings you will ever have. Getting my first client back in 2018 was a time I will never forget. Shout out to my dear friend Alice who led me to that first freelance gig… in case you’re reading this, I am FOREVER GRATEFUL! (Insert my typical spiel about the importance of networking here.) This one event led to both the first gig and the new best friend. Networking works!


I read an article a while ago that said your clients care more about you than your actual product.

Say what?!

It’s true, research shows that the more authentic you are, and the more you share about yourself (of course only whatever you’re comfortable with!), the more they will be drawn to you. They care about your story! Short but sweet, but this one does really help.


As business owners, I’m sure we’ve all heard this word a few times, especially during these covid times. When the world or our customers change, we must pivot to fit their needs. A huge pivot that the whole world had to deal with, was going online. Brick and mortar stores were forced to turn into online stores or apps, the ultimate pivot. What brave warriors we are! Anyways, my point is, pivoting comes with being an entrepreneur.

There you have it, the 5 P-Words that I believe will help make your business shine; possible, passion, patience, personal, and pivot, along with an apropos FRIENDS gif which I just couldn’t resist. Another P-word that I constantly deal with, is perfectionist.. Do not do what I do, do not take days to post a blog that you’ve written because you’re scared it’s not perfect. In this case, learn from my mistakes, because now that I am about to press that ‘publish’ button, I am quickly reminded how rewarding that feels… why on earth did I put this off?!

Take care, guys! Thank you SO much for reading!

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